Kind Words



I am writing as the mother of the bride. My daughter and son-in-law planned their wedding with Frank from Frank Event Design and I could not have been more pleased. At the time, she was living in Baltimore, MD, he was in Seattle, WA and the wedding was about one hour from where I live. Frank was able to communicate with them by phone, email, etc. and recommend all the vendors. Then he coordinated all the details with all the vendors and the venue to make sure everything was working. My daughter didn’t have to fly home multiple times and I didn’t have to drive into the city to search for or work with vendors. Every vendor was great and provided excellent service.

The day of the wedding was a wonderful experience! Not only was the wedding beautiful, I didn’t have to worry about the details. There were a couple of problems, there always are, and I didn’t know until they were taken care of.

My daughter had a themed wedding. I was afraid that it might get tacky or overwhelm the tradition of marriage. But instead it was handled with class. It only highlighted their personalities and made the day unique and personal.



Frank always goes above and beyond for his clients. While planning my wedding in 2016, he continually came up with creative ideas to make our day special and unique to us as a couple. He is extremely responsive and works to make YOU happy. He always emails or calls back quickly, which is super appreciated. Hands down, he's the best out there!!!



Frank planned and coordinated 2 weddings for our family. He got to know each couple and tailored each wedding to their visions of their wedding day. Each wedding was unique thanks to his creativity. He has a knack for bringing out the "unexpected" which makes his weddings so spectacular. Everything was professionally planned from the save the dates to gifts for each guest. He is a Master Wedding Planner and it shows in every way, outstanding service as well as exceptional connections in the industry. Extremely professional as well as so fun to plan with. Just sorry we don't have any more daughters!



There are no words to describe how amazing Frank is at his job!!! There was no detail left uncovered at our wedding. His eye for details is amazing - personalized napkins, invitations, a dessert room filled with all of our favorites, flowers, center pieces, a Christmas choir, the list goes on and on. He even surprised us and had the hotel put a Christmas tree in our room! He takes the time to get to know his couples and focuses on their likes/dislikes to help them and him determine what their special vision is for their day. He introduced us to vendors who he thought our personalities would best match with. There is no doubt he made the whole process stress free. Frank is simply the best!!!



Frank made my wedding beautiful, flawless and perfect.
At our first meeting he helped us decide which venue to choose. He sent me to two photographers based on the style of photography I wanted for the wedding. He picked the perfect florist and held my hand and kept me calm before the wedding.
I received numerous comments on how well executed my wedding was and I owe that all to Frank!



Frank is the epitome of what an event planner should be. He is professional, always kind, firm when necessary and always a joy to work with. Highly recommended him!



am not sure what I have done, if I didn’t have Frank J. Andonoplas as my consultant for Maddy’s wedding. The knowledge & expertise is just amazing!! I knew this from the 1st day I met this man. UNBELIEVABLE! We all think we know it all, until you talk to the pro’s like Frank! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. We all think we know the do’s and don’ts about planning a wedding until your actually getting married yourself. Thank you Frank for all you are doing and continue to do. The day is going to be amazing and I will e able to enjoy every minute of it!

Carrie J


Frank planned my best friend's wedding 12 years ago, so I called him when it was my turn. We contracted with him for several hours of consultation. His experience and fabulous ideas helped us plan a wedding that was fun, elegant and less stressful. I am so happy I chose to use Frank.

Andrew W


My wife and I just had Frank do our Star Wars themed wedding. It was perfect. Anyone who wants to work with the best of the best, should seek Frank out, because I could not imagine my wedding having been anywhere near as fantastic as it was without his help. My then fiancee, now wife, and I were both attending graduate school while planning our wedding. She was finishing up her JD in Baltimore while I was completing a MA in Seattle while planning our wedding at the Morton Arboretum in Northern Illinois. We did all the initial planning with Frank over the phone. He started by setting up a time for us all to talk so that he could get to know us, understand our vision, and provide some initial suggestions to set us on the right path. He made the entire process extremely easy so that we were able to just review our e-mails at the end of the week, choose from the pre-vetted options that he gave us, and then let him take care of the details. I was perhaps more of a "Groom-zilla" than my wife was in terms of being very detail-oriented. The day of the wedding there seemed to be a million small things that could have gone wrong, and Frank was somehow on top of all of them. The people at the venue had originally set up the tables in a mirrored version of how they were supposed to be, and Frank was able to get it all fixed during cocktail hour without our guests being any the wiser. Our cake vendor had also made a mistake, changing the iconic "I love you." "I know." from Star Wars to "I love you and I know you." Which is not the same at all, and sounds... odd. Frank hand-scraped the offending words from the cake and then covered it up artistically with flowers that he had on hand. No one even knew there was a mistake. He also found some one to make me an Ewok groom's cake. His assistants even gave a guest some super glue to fix her broken shoe. He and his team are simply the best.



Frank and his team were amazing to work with. He brings so much knowledge to the table and is known throughout the area. Everyone wants to take part in a Frank wedding! As soon as my mom and I started working with Frank, we felt a weight lift off our shoulders and knew that we could pull off planning a wedding in 4 months. The vendors Frank uses are exceptional and I wouldn't have made any different choices. He really listens to what your vision and dream is, and tries his best to make it a reality. He also offers advice, but never pushes you to take it- however you usually end up agreeing! Frank and his team were also there throughout the evening of the wedding and provided everything so that my husband and I as well as all our guests could enjoy every minute of the day. Frank also is amazing with detail and the ballroom looked absolutely beautiful. The comments my husband and I received about how elegant and wonderful everything was were endless.

Megan H


I cannot stress enough how amazing Frank is. He helped us out so much. Everything was absolutely perfect, and he made my life easy and stress free. The wedding turned out even better than I ever dreamed, and Frank made it happen. Everything came together seamlessly, and he was there every step of the way. He even anticipated possible issues. We loved him! I cannot recommend him enough.

Lisa K


Frank did such a spectacular job on our June wedding at the Crown at Tribune Tower. I work in the wedding industry myself and am a bit of a perfectionist, so I knew I’d need someone VERY experienced to take over and Frank delivered! He took care of any and all issues so my husband and I could have a stress-free, perfect wedding day! I can’t recommend him highly enough!!