Featured Magazine Spread: December 2020

Modern Luxury Wedding: Ashley and Jared September 6, 2020

I was honored to be chosen to help Ashley and Jared plan their nuptials this past September. Converting from a traditional wedding to a wedding during a pandemic required flexibility, fortitude, and a sense of humor!

This past June, I received a call from a mother of the bride asking if I was available Labor Day weekend. Her daughter and future son-in-law decided to move the wedding from Illinois to Indiana and, with the wedding only 3 months away, she was overwhelmed. I was commissioned to help move the wedding and all of its details to a different venue in another state!

Initially, I was just the “quarterback” and had to figure out the best way to manage the wedding with all of the new rules and regulations that had to be followed to keep everyone as safe as possible. But as we moved through the process, I was able to find ways to enhance the original decisions and ending up being involved at every level of detail.

My first priority was to follow all Covid restrictions. Based on Indiana's regulations, Ashley and Jay were able to keep their original guest list, but this required clever planning and quick decision making to ensure we followed all Covid guidelines. Since it was safer to do an outdoor event, we decided to do the ceremony outside and hope for good weather. We were thrilled with how the weather cooperated as we were able to hold the ceremony outdoors and didn't have to resort to Plan B!

As guests arrived at the venue, there was a welcome table with masks and sanitizer. We re-designed the layout of the reception so there were more tables. This allowed fewer people at each table and all tables were a minimum of 6 feet apart with 4 to 6 guests at most tables. We used larger tables to ensure more distance between everyone. This did require some creative thinking and plotting ane we used the foyer as an overflow space to keep tables properly distanced.

Each table had hand sanitizer and additional hand sanitizing stations were located throughout the country club. All staff wore masks and gloves throughout the ceremony and reception.

Setting up the day before allowed us to keep minimal people in the room at any given time. We were also fortunate that we didn’t have to break anything down since we were able to do the ceremony outside and that was a risk we were willing to take to increase our safety. Through careful planning and collaboration, we were able to follow all rules and regulations while making this day special for the happy couple.

"I can't even put into words how thankful I am to have had Frank be our wedding planner. COVID is stressful enough, especially when it comes to weddings, but Frank did everything he could to make it not stressful for me (the bride) and he did the BEST job at that. I didn't think I needed a wedding planner and thought I could do everything on my own but I was so wrong! I'm so glad we chose to work with Frank and if you're even slightly questioning it, don't! You will be in SUCH good hands and will have the most magical stress-free wedding day ever!!! I loved not having to worry about every little detail. I was able to truly enjoy my day to the utmost. We love you Frank and are so happy to now have a life long friend in you :)" -Ashley, Bride

Despite all the twists and turns required to keep this lovely event in compliance and to keep everyone safe while maintaining the integrity of the couple's vision for the day, the couple had an amazing day and were very ecstatic at what we were able to pull off. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating positive memories despite the challenges that were out of our control!

By keeping a level head, leaning heavily on my experience, my relationships with vendors, and staying calm, cool, and collected through every decision enabled this newly married couple to enjoy their unforgettable day.