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Feast for the Eyes: Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while you've probably got your menu all sorted out, have you spared a thought for how to make your table decor as impressive as that delicious feast you've been planning? Don't you worry; I've got your back! Today, I'm going to share some creative Thanksgiving table decoration ideas that'll take your holiday celebration to a whole new level.

Traditional Elegance

Now, if you're aiming for that classic, traditional Thanksgiving table, start with your trusty old china collection. Spruce up your table setting with Thanksgiving-themed plates, which you can easily find at popular home and homeware stores. But here's a little twist I recommend: make a chocolate turkey your centerpiece. Yes, you heard me right! These delightful treats can be found online or in various specialty stores, and they make for a unique and mouthwatering centerpiece.

Rental for a Formal Look

If you're looking to go all out and create a truly formal Thanksgiving setting, consider renting the essentials. I'd suggest checking out places like House of Rental, where you can find a wide range of items, from elegant glassware to fine linens. This option is perfect for crafting a formal and luxurious ambiance, especially when you pair it with some stunning florals from Anthony Gowder Designs to add a touch of grandeur.

The Formal Table Setting

In a formal setup, every detail counts.

Here's a little insider tip: set up a complete table with red and white wine glasses along with a champagne flute.

And here's the secret sauce: the largest glass is for the red wine, the middle one for water, and the smallest for champagne. It's all about making your guests feel special and ensuring they have everything they need for a festive meal.

The Kids' Table

Ah, the kids' table – a place where many of us have fond memories from Thanksgiving gatherings. Now, my creative approach to the kids' table is sure to keep the little ones entertained. How about using a hat-making kit as a fun and interactive activity? I'd also throw in a taffy apple place card and some other whimsical elements to keep the kids engaged and having a blast during the meal.

Table Runners

Table runners are still very much in style, especially for long dining tables. They're the finishing touch your table decor needs. If you've got a circular or oval table, consider using a circular table runner or a solid-colored cloth. This versatile element lets you customize your table's look to match your preferred theme and style.

The Age-Old Stuffing vs. Dressing Debate

Now, before I sign off, I can't resist diving into the age-old Thanksgiving debate – stuffing or dressing? I lean towards serving it as "dressing" on the side, keeping it moist and soft for those who enjoy it that way.


As you gear up for your Thanksgiving celebration, remember that the visual appeal of your table setting is just as important as the delicious feast. My creative ideas cover everything from traditional elegance to kid-friendly fun, giving you options to elevate your Thanksgiving experience. So, whether you're aiming for formal elegance or innovative ways to entertain the kids, my ideas are here to make your Thanksgiving celebration truly special. Make this Thanksgiving unforgettable, not only with the mouthwatering dishes but also with table decor that leaves your guests in awe. Enjoy!


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