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Diary of a tired wedding consultant

The week caught up with me and I went to sleep much earlier than usual which is why I woke up at around 330 this morning. After tossing and turning for a while, I got up and decided to jump into my to do list. One of the many things on my list including remaking all of the favors for a wedding that had to be rescheduled.

I learned a few weeks ago when I started this project, these delicate laser cut paper boxes are fragile. Once the new imprinted ribbon arrived from my vendor, I thought it would be easy just to take out the old ribbon and put in the new. Wrong!

As one after another tore despite my best efforts to keep them whole, I ended up pitching the whole set and starting over. I'm a Type A picky perfectionist and I wasn't satisfied with the way they looked so I ended up ordering all new ones. Keep in mind these boxes come flat and need to be assembled which is very time consuming and can try your patience as all the folds and insertions are quite intricate. Also, all of these details have to be done by hand. I have never in my life wished so hard for elves, gnomes, or fairies to be real to help me accomplish this daunting task!

Three hours later, They are all done and ready to go. Aren't they stunning?


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