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How To Plan A Stylish Wedding On New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve has become an increasingly popular date to get married. Celebrating your wedding day while welcoming in the new year adds another layer of festivity to your event. Whether it’s wanting to make it an even bigger celebration for your family or friends, or because you want to be able to claim the marital deduction on your taxes for the year, it truly is a magical day to say I Do!

I was featured on WGN in 2019 and gave tips on how to bring in 2020 with style. Little did we know!

Wedding guests absolutely love New Year’s Eve weddings. Every time I've helped a couple plan their NYE celebration, I see a much higher acceptance rate. Without exception, attendance is higher than it would be for a non-NYE reception. I always tell my couples to be very careful. The usual 20% non-acceptance ratio doesn't typically work for a New Year's Eve wedding. First, guests are thrilled that a family member or friend is getting married and they want to celebrate their union. Also, they were going to celebrate New Year’s Eve anyway, so why not make it a double celebration? Party into the new year with those you love! And, if you happen to have your New Year’s Eve wedding in a hotel, all guests need to do is get in an elevator and go to their room at the end of the night keeping everyone safe on this festive evening.

Attendance is higher than it would be for a non-NYE reception, so be prepared for more guests to attend than usual!

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that if you are getting rooms for your guests, whether it be at the wedding venue or outside of the wedding venue, do it as early as possible. New Year’s Eve tends to be a very busy hotel night in large cities. Rooms tend to sell out so secure your room blocks early!

Food is definitely a huge priority. Surf and Turf is the most requested entrée for a wedding dinner when it falls on New Year’s Eve. Decadence can be a treat for your guests and creates another level of detail for an amazing wedding experience. A late-night snack is also in order for when the clock strikes 12.

I have done everything including Italian beef sandwiches, gyros, Chicago dogs, and deep-dish pizzas for late-night snacks. One couple actually did an entire midnight buffet. It was a wonderful surprise and delight for the guests when they discovered it was all breakfast foods! Needless to say, the catering team was continually replenishing the bacon!

Make sure to make arrangements to have hats, noisemakers, glasses, and sparklers passed out just before midnight. This is also a great photo opportunity!

Just before midnight, make sure to pass New Year’s Eve hats, noisemakers, and other party favors out to all of your guests. And, of course, the New Year's Eve celebration would not be complete without a glass of champagne. Serving a sparkling Rosé, Prosecco or even Blanc de Bleu is a wonderful way to think outside the box. Instead of champagne flutes, I love to use vintage coupes or a mix of different glassware to serve the bubbly. Or for fun, pass chilled champagne splits with straws.

Your New Year’s Eve wedding will be one your family and friends will never forget. I love producing these events. Unfortunately, this year that won’t be happening. But, I look forward to designing and coordinating New Year’s Eve Wedding for 2022 and beyond.


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