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Wedding suits for groomsmen

In the 21st century, grooms and groomsmen are no longer required to play it safe on their wedding day, when it comes to their outfits and style choices. From a chic suit or tuxedo and boutonnieres to tie colors and blazers, there are endless attire options for grooms looking for a suit that fits their personality and sense of style.

To help inspire both you and your fiancé, we’ve curated a few of our favorite groomsmen attire trends. Because who doesn’t want to look as stylish as their partner?

Wedding suit styles

Velvet Blazers

A popular trend that has been making its mark on the groom's fashion in recent years is a velvet

blazer - and we can see why! Not only does the thickness of the fabric make the look perfect

for a fall or winter wedding but it also gives your suit an elevated, textured style for a formal

wedding. Keep it sophisticated with classic black or add some color with jewel tones like ruby or emerald.

Colorblock Suit

It’s no secret that color blocking has become a popular fashion trend during the past decade. For a fashion week-worthy groom look, layer a white tie on a white shirt or a khaki tie on a khaki shirt for a laid-back summer wedding. Matching the tone of your tie to your button-up is an easy way to give a modern minimalist feel to your groom’s style.

If your groom can’t seem to veer from the traditional white shirt, consider adding a print or a pop of color to the tie, pocket square, or even the suit lining!

Statement Shirt

Who says you need to stick to a classic white button-up? If your groom wants to add a bit of style to his outfit, Pick a shirt that reflects his personality with a unique pattern, animals, florals, hobbies, or splashes of color. Be sure to pick the shirt first and style the rest of the suit around it.

Coordinating Jackets

For a wedding with two grooms, the possibilities are endless! Try exploring matching jackets or complementary jackets that have contrasting colors. You two will look stunning together standing side-by-side and in pictures!

You can also consider making your own statement by not matching at all. Mismatched suits are a great way to showcase your personalities and unique style preferences.

Lapel Pins

Not all boutonnieres are composed of flowers and greenery! A lapel pin is a playful and budget-friendly alternative to wearing a boutonniere. Plus, they also make a great keepsake that can outlast any florals. Lapel pins come in fabric, wood, metal, and other fun materials. You can even elevate your lapel by adding an embellished brooch! Just don’t forget the lapel pin covers the buttonhole on your lapel. I've been a collector and lover of lapel pins my entire career and wear them as often a possible. Can you find yours truly in the collage below?

Cultural Attire

In Western culture, we're accustomed to seeing classic tuxedos and suits at wedding ceremonies, but that's not the case in other parts of the world. In Scotland, the groom will often wear the kilt of their clan to the ceremony, while Filipino grooms will wear a lightweight, embroidered Barong. Traditional attire for Japanese grooms consists of the traditional kimono, a pair of striped hakama trousers, and a haori overcoat. It’s also common in other cultures that the groom's attire is much more vibrant and colorful Chinese grooms often wear red to symbolize good luck and Indian grooms are styled in an embellished Sherwani with plenty of hand-sewn beadwork.

Mauve Suits

Brides aren't the only ones loving blush tones for their big day! We’re seeing more and more grooms wear complementary suits with moody mauve and blush tones to match this trendy color palette. If you’re still opting for a traditional black suit, consider adding this color palette to your boutonniere or accessories.

Suspenders or Braces

If you’re looking for an Old Hollywood or rustic accessory that will also hold your pants up, suspenders or braces might be the perfect fit! Braces use leather or cloth straps attached to buttons sewn on the trousers for a sleek, sophisticated look. Suspenders, on the other hand, can be fastened with metal tips and are a great choice for a more casual wedding. Regardless of your preference, they make the perfect finishing touch to any dapper suit!

Looking at more unique touches to add to your big day? Contact us here to get started planning your dream wedding.


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