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Oversized Shoulders: Passing fad or newest bridal fashion?

Frank fact: Back in the 80s I lived for Wednesday nights. It was the night that the original TV series Dynasty on ABC aired (there is a reboot of this show on Fox which I admit with glee that I also watch). The show had everything. Rich families in the oil industry, beautiful women, handsome men, murder, infidelity, stealing, blindsiding, love, passion, and intrigue. Their lavish lifestyles were on display as the background for all of the storylines which was an added bonus. But, my favorite part of the show was the amazing fashions these women wore; many made by incredible designers such as the late Nolan Miller.

Whether it be a business suit, a beautiful dress for a brunch or luncheon, a stunning evening gown for a gala, or just for a night on the town, these fashionistas were true trendsetters. Most notable were the large shoulder pads these women wore. As noted in an article in the current issue of Town and Country, this trend is coming back. This accentuated shoulder detail is currently gracing the runways of fashion week.


Will this extend into the Bridal market? My opinion is yes. Back when Alexis and Crystal and the rest of the girls were sporting these fashions, oversize shoulders on wedding gowns were all the rage. At one of my first weddings ever, I can even remember stuffing the shoulders with tissue paper to make sure that they were perfect.

Also popular were the heavily beaded couture that made its way down the aisles of many weddings. At one of the many dynasty weddings, Fallon, Alexis, and Blake's daughter wore a pink wedding gown when she remarried her first husband. Needless to say, six months later this was one of the most popular trends for many brides. Many strayed from the tradition of a big white wedding gown and went pink. This also was noticeable on the show, General Hospital, when the wedding of Luke and Laura was all the rage around the world. She also wore a very light pink gown and veil. So as you can see, many styles we see on television go onto a direct translation to the fashion market.

Famous wedding gowns get replicated into the general market once they are worn for a famous wedding. I can remember hearing that when lady Diana got married, people were sketching her down as she walked down the aisle and immediately started creating a sample that was in windows of Bridal shops in London by the next morning.

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So what will be the next fashion trend that is influenced by a television show or event? Unfortunately, many awards show red carpets won’t be happening due to the pandemic. This is usually where we can verify that these new fashions are here to stay for a while.

My prediction is we will see a huge return of the empire waist in Bridal and bridesmaids. You may ask why? Just watch Bridgerton, one of the most popular new television series. You’ll understand.

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