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Celebrating the Holidays with Luxurious Themed Weddings

As the holiday season approaches, I've been reflecting on the many ways we celebrate this special time of year. As a wedding planner in Chicago, the holiday season inspires me with countless ideas for luxurious holiday-themed weddings. No matter which holiday my clients celebrate, it's always exciting to incorporate their unique traditions into their events. The possibilities are endless, as are the traditions themselves. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on several styles of luxurious holiday weddings.

Hanukkah Wedding

A Hanukkah wedding is a simple yet visually striking affair. Traditional elements of Jewish weddings, such as the Chuppah, glass-breaking, Ketubah signing, and Hora dancing, are beautifully complemented by “Holiday of Light” additions.


A kindled Menorah on display in a central area where guests congregate sets the tone. Blue and white hues dominate the decor, from flowers and linens to glassware and dishware. Incorporate the Star of David as place cards and cake adornments. Imagine a centerpiece resembling a crystal chandelier suspended over tables, illuminated by blue spotlights for a breathtaking effect. Blue uplights on the walls enhance the atmosphere.


A brisket main course, accompanied by latkes, blintzes, and kugel for dessert, honors Hanukkah traditions. Special arrangements for kosher meals can be made for guests requiring them.

Kwanzaa Wedding

A Kwanzaa wedding is a warm, vibrant celebration filled with rich colors and meaningful symbols.


Candleholders called Kinara, featuring seven candles (three red, three green, and one black), represent the Pan-African flag and the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Baskets of colorful fruit, multicolored ears of corn, and yams add a festive touch. Unity cups on each table and mats (Mkeka) made from straw or cotton and silk provide traditional accents. Earthy colors like yellows, browns, reds, and greens dominate the decor.


Inspired by the Karamu feast, consider jerk chicken or catfish with sides like grits, fritters, black-eyed peas, couscous, collards, fried okra, or sweet potato pie. These dishes reflect the diverse culinary traditions of Africa and the African diaspora.

Christmas Wedding

A Christmas wedding is an unforgettable night of elegance and festivity.


Instead of traditional red and green, choose a single shade within the Christmas spectrum paired with silver or gold accents. Centerpieces might include simple garland wreaths, metallic chargers, and pine cones. Signature cocktails with flavors like nutmeg, eggnog, and peppermint add a festive touch. A premium bourbon bar is a classy upgrade. Poinsettias and amaryllis are excellent floral choices.

Music and Entertainment

Ensure the DJ includes upbeat Christmas songs in the playlist. For added fun, consider a Christmas-themed Photo Booth.


An upscale protein like lamb, duck, or pheasant with hearty sides such as potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts makes for a luxurious meal. Passed appetizers like tree-shaped canapés and mini yule logs add festive flair. Ornaments with guests' names can serve as both place cards and favors.

New Year’s Eve Wedding

A New Year’s Eve wedding is a spectacular celebration, perfect for ringing in the new year with style.


Start planning early to secure your venue and ensure your VIP guests can attend. Book a luxury wedding planner to handle the logistics, especially with increased traffic and premium pricing on NYE.


Common color schemes include black, white, and gold, with jewel-toned colors and sequined linens adding elegance. A black-tie dress code or a “sparkly” attire theme enhances the festive atmosphere. Table numbers can feature New Year’s resolutions for a fun twist.


A Photo Booth creates lasting memories for guests. An audiovisual company can project a countdown clock, culminating in a fireworks video at midnight. Butler-passed champagne and confetti cannons add to the celebratory mood.


There are countless exciting ideas for luxury holiday weddings. If you're looking to book a holiday-themed wedding, I'd be delighted to share more ideas and help you create an unforgettable celebration!


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