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Ways To Bring Family Traditions Into Your Wedding

Recently, I received a request I don’t get very often. A client requested personalized plastic drink stirrers for their wedding. I think I’ve only ordered these twice before in my 25 year career as a Chicago wedding planner. At first, I was puzzled. This isn't a typical request and in my 25 plus years as an event designer, I've ordered them only twice. But, as you know my philosophy is to personalize the wedding with as many unique and out-of-the-box details to make this a memorable wedding day, so I happily obliged.

What I came to learn is that this family has a tradition of using plastic drink stirrers in signature cocktails at all the family weddings! Members of the family collect these plastic drink accessories as momentos of the weddings they've attended. This family tradition has now spread across the country as the Chicago branch of the family is made up of seven brothers and sisters from the father of the bride's side. The mother of the bride has nine brothers and sisters! That’s lots of aunts and uncles and cousins! Additionally, they told me that when a new spouse becomes part of the family tradition, their family loves this tradition usually ends up adopitng it as well.

Finding meaningful wedding design is not just about the decor. It's always the small, but important touches like personalized drink stirrers that add to the wedding experience and memories.


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